Seria X-PAD
X-PAD Suite is a set of programs for field and office perfectly integrated, that offer a solution to all the needs of survey and stakeout with GeoMax instruments.

X-PAD Construction

X-PAD Construction este soluţia ideală pentru utilizarea, în mod eficient şi productiv, a echipamentelor de măsurare, în toate activitățile de construcţii.

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X-PAD Survey

Cu X-PAD, sunt asigurate productivitatea şi flexibilitatea pe teren, datorită interfeţei uşor de folosit şi conţinutului extrem de inovator.

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X-PAD Office Fusion

Get your X-PAD Office Fusion trial version here. A new concept of software for processing all types of geospatial data with real integration of different information: experience easy import of data, calculations, adjustments, scan registration and management of the clouds,points, measurements, surfaces and images, topographical utilities and drawing functions.

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